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At Wesley Security, we have 15 years of combined expertise and implementation experience in ServiceNow Security Operations and GRC. Our range of solutions enable organizations to improve productivity and gain real-time insight and visibility into Security and Risk. Our tailored approach to quality, detailed project scoping, and streamlined implementation processes differentiates us from the rest!

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Eric Wesley
Sales Director

Ryan Garrett
Customer Relations Director

Eric is a highly experienced and knowledgeable professional with 15 years experience in the field of Enterprise Security and Risk. His passion for helping companies achieve desirable security, risk, and compliance postures through effective communication and collaboration with stakeholders is a valuable asset for any organization.

Eric excels at working with clients to understand their unique security and risk requirements and then designing, configuring, and implementing solutions that meet those needs.


Eric's ability to work closely with stakeholders and provide actionable solutions is a testament to his expertise and dedication to delivering results. Eric holds a Bachelors of Science in Computer Information Systems from CSU Monterey Bay and lives in Portland, Oregon.

Ryan is recognized for his exceptional ability to understand customer needs and deliver tailored solutions that drive a quick return on investment and customer satisfaction. Ryan’s passion for understanding customer behavior, identifying pain points, and developing strategies to address them propelled him to success.


Ryan uses his bachelor's degree in Information Systems Security to drive security centric implementation designs. Ryan's dedication to excellence is demonstrated through the successful design, implementation, and development of IT security and GRC best practice processes from scratch, utilizing ServiceNow SecOps and GRC applications. With his extensive experience and knowledge in ServiceNow, Ryan consistently delivers top-notch solutions and contributes to the success of his clients in the realm of ServiceNow architecture, design, development, and implementation.

We provide complimentary consultations to help you gain a deeper understanding of your ServiceNow Security Operations, Risk, and Compliance objectives. During these consultations, our team of experts will work closely with you to identify areas for improvement and provide valuable insights, expertise, and recommendations for automation opportunities that align with your specific goals.

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Our implementations provide numerous benefits for our customers:


Firstly, we help streamline and automate security processes to reduce response times, minimizing the impact of security incidents on the organization. Our consultants work closely with customers to understand their unique security needs, identify potential vulnerabilities and threats, and develop customized security policies and procedures that align with industry best practices.


Additionally, our implementations provide real-time visibility into security operations, enabling customers to detect and respond to incidents and critical vulnerabilities faster. This not only reduces the risk of data breaches, but also helps customers comply with regulatory requirements and avoid costly fines.


Finally, our consultants provide ongoing support and guidance, helping customers stay up-to-date with the latest security threats and technology advancements. Our ServiceNow Security Operations Consulting implementations provide customers with the confidence and peace of mind that their organization is well-protected against potential security risks.


  • Improved Incident Response: Our services help streamline the process of identifying, prioritizing, analyzing, and responding to security incidents

  • Faster Incident Resolution: We help organizations respond to security incidents more quickly by automating repetitive tasks, such as ticket creation and assignment

  • Consolidation of Threat Intelligence solutions into ServiceNow to enhance incident response efforts (VirusTotal, Tanium, etc.)

  • Better Focus: Enabling security teams to focus on more critical tasks, such as threat investigation and response

  • Improved Collaboration: Providing customer specific configurations to enable security teams to collaborate more effectively and efficiently.

  • Enhanced Visibility: Enabling real-time visibility, reporting, and analytics for managers, CISOs, and directors on the status of security incidents, incident progress and monitoring the effectiveness of your incident response process.


  • Automate Vulnerability Management

  • Enhance vulnerability investigation capabilities

  • Integrations with leading vulnerability and application vulnerability scanning vendors including Tenable, Qualys, Wiz, and Prisma

  • Streamline collaboration with Change Management, Security Incident Response, and Policy & Compliance to provide increased visibility and accelerated resolution

  • An efficient and comprehensive approach is needed to achieve a unified perspective on governance, risk, and compliance throughout an organization. This approach should establish a shared language, approach, and methodology for managing compliance, audits, and proactively addressing organizational risk.

  • By implementing a centralized solution for monitoring, measuring, and managing risk, organizations can enhance their governance processes and ensure effective and inclusive reporting of risks to management and the board. This helps to ensure compliance with global risk management mandates.

  • To streamline the management of regulatory compliance controls such as PCI, SOX, HIPAA, NERC CIP, NIST FISMA, GLBA, etc., various implementations can be considered, including Policy and Compliance Management, Risk Management, Audit Management, and Vendor Risk Management.

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